What we do,
We are delivering unique web & UI Designs, Web & Apps developments, and E-commerce solutions across the world.
We primarily work with Open Source technologies such as PHP, Java, JSP, MySQL and Android.
We develop, and run our own sites such as www.allindiabazaar.in, and we also take in projects from clients.
We handle any size project from a few hours up to projects running over several years.

Our most extensive project as of today has been in the process for more than 3 years, and we are still working on it through maintenance and further development on the project. As a matter of fact this project has been spun off in to a separate company with equity participation from our former client, now partner.

Through our years of experience in making large web based management systems we have hands on experience in making,

Mobile applications in Android.

Integration of mobile applications into web systems.

Integration of payment gateways into web systems.

Various interphases.

Automatic registration of big volume of customer payment into bank account.

Cron jobs.

Development of entire Back End systems for clients.

Please do get in touch with us to hear if we can work together.