United Web Enhancers Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian company based in Gurgaon, which is the IT hub of North India, and a suburb of the country’s capital, New Delhi.
2014 - The focus of United Web Enhancers Pvt. Ltd. is today is mainly our own web developments like the re-launced version of, but at the same time we handle smaller assignment from old and new clients. United Web Enhancers Pvt. Ltd. hope to release a couple of new concepts during 2014/2015. Noone knows about the future, but we will continue to develop ourselves and for yourselves.

2013 - We enter an agreement with our customer through almost 4 years, to separate all parking related software development to a new company with minority shareholders participation by our former customers. The name of the new company is Pensys Software Pvt. Ltd. , and is managed by United Web Enhancers Pvt. Ltd.

2012 - We are consolidating our IT and web competences particularly through new parking related projects from abroad, and adding new staff.

2011 - We have become a fully fledged IT company making complex solutions and by now we also are able to handling pretty large IT- projects.

2010 - We changed our name to United Web Enhancers Pvt. Ltd.We get closer involved with development of parking software and also adds android programming to our skills. We finish our own site which is an online platform where privates and corporate can show and sell t their products online. Show present layout and a link to the site as it is today.

2009 - We add PHP programming to our skills.We start working with one of the larger Scandinavian based players in the private parking business, and start making facebook applications.

2008 - We start making a bit more advanced jobs in Flash.
2007 - Slowly we realize is easier to get jobs making banners and small games.
2005 - Incorporated as Sidh Animations Pvt. Ltd.